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Taking Player Notes

Watching your opponents moves and predicting their future moves based on that observation can be a very useful tactic. But when we talk about taking players notes we surely don’t mean that you should prepare a notebook and a pen and start taking notes for every single move on the table.

If you’re playing a poker game and you look around the table and can’t tell who the sucker is, it’s you – Paul Newman

First of all it is not practical and you probably won’t have time to write down everything and even if you do, you won’t be able to analyze that while the game is on. Second, you would probably be considered as a beginner and even ridiculed by other players if you bring a notebook on the table. You certainly don’t want to start the game with a pressure like that!

But when we talk about online poker this becomes a completely different situation. If you have played poker online you have probably seen that there is an option to take notes (at least this is an option on every popular site that is offering online poker). The thing is that most of the players don’t use this option and think that it is useless.

This is not true, especially if you want to be successful and take advantage of other players mistakes. By taking notes you can find out which are the weak spots of your opponent and even predict their future moves. This is something that can be very useful and probably make you victorious in a long run. Taking notes will keep you focused and determined to win. Now that we have concluded how useful taking player notes are, the real question is how to perform proper note taking.

Keep three things in mind (especially If you play tournaments) – stack size, position on the table and what period of the game is. Put these three parameters in front of your note.

Remember that you are not writing a novel. You are simply writing down important facts about opponents style of game that should help you later in the game. One thing that is important is when does the opponent raise. When does he feel comfortable to invest more? Is it when there are certain cards down or does he bluff? By taking noted you will be able to tell the answer.

Mark the players using the site’s features. Many of the websites have this system where you can quickly change the notes for the players that you watch. Once you click on them you will get the notes that you have written previously. So you don’t have to write down everything in one place.

Taking player notes is not something that should make you lose focus. This technique is only here to help you but the main thing is to follow the game closely. So if you are sometimes distracted with these notes, think what you want to play instead of writing it down.

Having useful info about your rivals will certainly help you as a poker player. So don’t underestimate the importance of this future in the world of online poker and start using it.