Basic Omaha Poker Strategy

Here we will cover the basics of Omaha poker and some simple guides you can follow for more success in this poker variation.

Starting Hands

The starting hands in Omaha can already implicate how much potential your hand has to make several strong combinations. For example King (diamond), Queen (heart), Jack (heart) and 10 (diamond) is a great starting hand since it gives you a lot of options for strong hands. Such a card combination enables you to have three Straight Flush, also Royal Flush and many other strong hands.

The Flop

Once the flop appears you need to know which hand you are going after. Be aware of your cards strength and if you are “well-placed” you need to bet high.

Turn and River

Omaha is that kind of game where the most crucial decisions are being made on the turn or river. Just because you had the strongest hand on the flop it doesn’t mean you will have it at the river as well. In other words for having success in Omaha poker you need to know how to play the turn optimal.

What is Omaha high-low about?

High-Low is no game for beginners. If one knows the bases of the Omaha game, one is still not ready for Omaha high-low.  Even though, the rules may be pretty much the same, for you to be competitive in the high-low variant you require extensive knowledge and skills. Online4Poker will now explain why.

Omaha high-low has the same game course like Omaha.  The difference lies in the fact that there can not only be a highest hand (high) , but also a lowest hand (low). The pot is divided between the highest and the lowest at equal parts. If there is no Low, the High wins the whole pot. Sounds interesting, right…

The High

The High is just like with Omaha the best possible hand, beginning with the royal flush. Just as with Omaha there has to be used two “hole” cards and three community cards.

The Low

Forming the lowest hand is often more elusive than it might appear. Here as well there needs to be used two hole cards and three community cards. The highest card for a Low may be the eight. Here one speaks from “Eight-low”. 

“Seven-low” means that one has a seven and four lower cards. The best lowest hand, you can possibly create is called “wheel” – a street until five (5432A). The worst lowest hand you have with a street from eight to four (87654). If at least three cards who are lower than eight don’t lie on the board, then it isn’t possible to have a Low.


7-4-3-2-A is worse than 6-5-4-3-2

7-5-4-3-2 is worse than 7-5-4-3-A

9-4-3-2-A is not a Low

If you look at these examples and you must think about the logic behind it – then you should keep your hands off it! You are not yet ready for it.

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