The Second Best Hand

When you are playing Black Jack the worst thing you can get is a 16th. The chance of winning is the lowest. Compared with Poker that would be 7x 2x. The difference is that in Poker you won’t lose any money with 7x 2x, because you will not play it. That is the reason why I’m not bothered with this hand, because I know it’s value and what I can expect from it. However, I have way more respect of AA preflop, since this card has a great potential to either bring me a lot of money or make me lose a lot. The paradox of having more respect from better hands is based on the poker concept relative value of a poker hand.

Everyone should be aware what the point in poker is and how you will make money constantly. You have to maximize your winnings and to minimize your losses. In this case maximizing your profits is the simple task. For example when you set a trap, or you slow play you can make a lot of money with a strong hand. However, basically every idiot can win with a good hand. The main difference between a pro and an amateur poker player is the way they are losing their hands. The good player knows when he has lost and throws away his cards. A bad player keeps betting until the end and loses at the showdown.

The psychological difference between the two players is that the bad poker player absolutely needs to know what the other player had so he can be sure that he lost for the “right reasons”. Like a cop he makes sure that nobody bluffs. On the other hand the professional poker player has overcome that urge.

Limit Poker

Playing the second best hand until the very end in Limit poker won’t hurt you that much. On the short run this will not have much of an impact. Howsoever, on the long term this will lead to a negative effect on your finances. A good way to avoid losing much money with second best hands is a good preflop strategy. Don’t play hands with low kicker like A7 or K4, because these cards will be easy dominated by hands with a high kicker like AK or AQ.

No-Limit Poker

At No-Limit it’s a whole other story. While in Limit poker you won’t lose all your money with the second best hand, that very likely can be the case playing No-Limit Poker. For that reason it is immense important to play hands that have the potential to become “The Nuts”. Those are usually either pairs which can turn into three of a kind or even a Full House and of course draw cards who have the potential to become a flush or a straight.

The key for success in No-Limit Poker is to throw away second best hands if needed.

No Limit Poker Game

No Limit is pretty much the complete opposite of Limit poker. While you are very limited about your betting amount in Limit poker you have no restrictions at all in No Limit poker. You can bet all the money you have (buy-in) whenever you want. Of course you have fixed numbers for small blind and big blind. The re-raise in No Limit poker has to be at least twice as much as the previous raise, but of course it can be even higher (or max. all-in). If a player doesn’t have double the amount of the previous raise, but he still wants to re-raise then he has the option of going all-in. This is probably one of the few commonalities between No Limit and Limit poker. Just as with pot limit poker the bet has to be at least as much as the big blind.

Usually this game variant is recommended for more experienced and skilled players. You ask why? Well it should be pretty obvious since here you can lose all your money very fast.  That is why I would always recommend new players to start with Limit poker until they have mastered the basics.