Why Vegas is the Best Place to Play Poker

Las Vegas is the biggest city in the US state of Nevada. It is one of the biggest centers in the world when it comes to entertainment, gambling and wild night life. Although it was found in 1905, this city became known for gambling a few decades later – in 1946 when gambling was legalized and allowed there.

It is known for the replicas of famous world attraction like the pyramids, the Eifel Tower and canal of Venice, but Las Vegas is best known for its casinos! Did you know that people leave around 4 billion dollars a year while they are gambling there?


It’s no different when we talk about poker. There are literally dozens of tournaments in various casinos every week. In this article we will try to explain why Vegas is the best place to play poker.

Playing online poker or participating in online poker tournaments is getting more and more popular every day. A lot of people think that this is the best way to learn and earn and even build themselves as professional poker players.

But in our opinion if you want to become a player like that then you should visit Las Vegas at least one time in your life. There are some things that you can’t experience while playing online poker or playing poker on some place other than Las Vegas. There are many advantages of playing poker there and these are few of them:

Many different players
If you are playing poker online or in your local poker room you won’t meet many new players. Usually they are the same people or people that use nicknames (anonymous players) if you play via internet. It is a completely different story when you play poker in Vegas. There are literally hundreds of pro poker players from around the globe. If you think that meeting new players won’t help you get better then you are wrong. Different players have different playing styles and unique approach to the game and playing with them will certainly improve your skills. With thousands of players weekly, we are sure that you won’t find a place in the world that has more poker players.

It is not a virtual experience any more
Poker is a game that was invented to be played live, with people on an actual table. So this is a big advantage if we compared it with playing online poker. You will definitely have a different experience if you play a poker tournament in a real poker room with actual people compared to those virtual rooms. Las Vegas has live poker tables available at any time of the day.

Have Fun!
Is there are better way to rest from a long poker game than wander around the streets of Las Vegas? Many different bars, restaurants, museums and all sort of entertainment can be found around every corner. No matter if you win or lose, the things that Las Vegas offers will surely clear your mind and give you enough strength to continue playing poker after a while.