Start with a big or a small deposit

When you decide to start a game of poker this is the question that comes first on your mind. This is a very serious question that can certainly affect the style of your play and of course the chances of winning or losing.

Having a small deposit can lead you to unnecessary risk. It is natural to think that you won’t lose much and so it not that wrong to place the deposit even if the cards are not good. In this way you will turn away from your own guidelines and you will keep playing in situations where you should fold. Eventually you will figure out that taking unnecessary risks is not the way to make profit no matter how much is at stake.

However if you place a big deposit, that is way bigger than the once that you usually play with or compared to the budget that you have, you will play too cautious and too scared. The feeling that you have a lot to lose will put pressure on you and you will start to make wrongful decisions in different situations.

Remember that it is hard to find a perfect balance but finding the proper deposit is something that is very important. This question is especially difficult for people that have just started playing poker. They are usually not sure how much money they are willing to risk in the world of poker. There is no definitive answer to this question because it depends on many things.

Everyone should consider their financial situation and their willingness to risk some money in order to get profit via poker. If you are beginner we advise you to start playing with smaller deposits. Because it takes time to feel the game. You can have all the theoretical knowledge but practice is something completely different.

Some say that you should think of a sum and then divide it in two. Let’s explain this trough an example. If you have a budget of 200$, divide it in two and we get to a sum of 100$. Now divide that sum with 10 and you will get to a sum of 10$. Now find a table that accepts deposit of 10$ and you are good to go!

How did we get to this number? Well, although poker is a game of knowledge and skills you might enter a bad period and lose more than 20 hands in a row. So by using this strategy you will still have money to get back on track, overcome the bad period and start earning. In this way you will be protected against bad series but be careful because even if you follow this rule you still might end the game without success.

The total amount of money that you have invested should not be something that will affect your style of life. So if you have lost all your poker money take a break and invest the same amount of money after a while.

Whether you choose to play with big or small deposits, always be careful and remember that poker requires patience and a good strategy.