Rules of Seven Card Stud

Seven Card Stud or also 7 Card is a popular poker-game variant. But it is very much different compared to Texas Hold’em or Omaha, who are known as the “Board variants” of poker. Especially among amateur players 7 Card is very popular.

The fundamental differences between Seven Card Stud and Hold’em or Omaha:

  • There are five betting rounds.
  • Every player has to pay an Ante before he can receive cards.
  • There are no community cards (no table).
  • The first betting round is opened by this player who holds the lowest cards.
  • The other betting rounds begin with the player who has the best hand.

Course of play:

1. Every player gets two covered cards (Hole Cards) and an open one which is visible for every player.

2. The player with the lowest open card is starting the betting round and has to do a forced bet. He neither can check nor raise. The betting round continues clockwise.

3. Afterwards every remaining player gets the fourth, open card (4th street).

4. The second betting round begins with the player who has the best open card.

5. The fifth card (5th street) is distributed openly to the remaining players. The third betting round begins again with the player who shows the best hand.

6.  The sixth card (6th street) is also distributed openly and there follows the fourth betting round.

7. The seventh and last card is given again covered as a Hole Card. With 8 players the remaining cards are not sufficient and so a separate card is put as a community card in the middle. This card can be used by every player.

The player who can form the best possible combination out of five cards and which holds the highest hand wins the pot.