Cards Game Kids Child Poker Hand  - Hucklebarry / Pixabay

Stay Calm at the Table

It is hard to stay calm at the table while you are playing poker, because all kind of emotions go through your mind. This comes as a result of the competitive character of this game. We have all heard the phrase “Poker face” and this is something that every professional player tries to achieve so he could be successful.

Of course that’s not easy at all. For example when you have a good hand, you are happy, excited and impatient. When you are having a bad period you feel displeasure, nervousness and even anger. All these feelings need to be masked if you don’t want your rivals to take advantage.

That is why poker players that want to be successful need to learn how to stay calm at the table while playing the game. They must hide what they think at the moment. No matter how good or bad your cards are stay cool, by doing so your current situation remains mystery for the opponents and you even have a chance to bluff.

During the game many players expect a certain card and make combinations prior to the dealing of the cards and even a slightest oscillation from their plans makes them upset. That’s wrong. Players that are angry, upset or irritated tend to make moves that are foolish and they will most likely regret them. These players become too aggressive and the opponents can predict their next moves. After a short period of time they are out of the game.

Keep in mind that staying calm at the table is very important but achieving that is very difficult. So be prepared for practicing. It is not just the face that needs to be emotionless; your body moves should also be limited. We have all heard about body language so pay attention to that too.

Be prepared for failure, at least for one hand. We all play to win but losing is part of the game too. Don’t be disappointed if you have few losing hands. Remember that staying focused and following the guidelines will eventually result in success. There is no need to get all emotional if you start losing.

If you feel uncomfortable watching other players, keep watching at the table and at your cards. The other players might think that you have bad cards and you can use that as an advantage.

Some say that visualization helps a lot. So if you are having a bad period try to think of something nice and watch as your problems go away. Of course keep an eye on the game, this visualization should be performed for a short time.

When we talk about body posture it is known that some players tend to lean forward when they have good cards while others sit back in their chairs when they have bad cards. Try to find your perfect body posture before the game begins, be relaxed and keep that position during the whole game. Try to show total disinterest.

Remember – patience is a virtue!