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Psychological Games in Poker

No-Limit Hold’em ring games require more psychological tricks and bluffing skills than any other popular poker games. These tricks should always depend of the opponents you are playing against.

When you play in no-limit areas with low stakes (50$ buy-in or less), then I would not recommend applying psychological games. A bluff on the flop with less players may work from time to time, but usually on those tables your opponent will bet until the end. In such games it is wiser to wait for a good hand and then take their money with pot large bets.

Once you start to play at tables with 100$ buy-in and higher psychological games will play an important role, especially if your opponents have larger stacks (100 * Big Blind and more). First thing you have to do on those tables is to categories the other poker players.

The six kinds of poker players 

  1. Fish
  2. Weak-Tight
  3. Policemen
  4. Tight-Aggressive
  5. Hyper-Aggressive
  6. Tilt Player