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Play Independent

What do I mean when I say Play Independent? I’m talking about that people seem to forget that Poker is an evolving game like for example chess. The way of playing poker lets say 30 years ago ain’t the same as it is played today and it won’t be the same as it’s going to be played in the future. The meaning of this is that you can’t expect that a poker guide tells you exactly what you have to do in every possible position. There isn’t just one optimal play style for poker. You can achieve that with different poker strategy.

For example one player is more aggressive than the other, but this doesn’t mean that they both can’t have success! You have to find your very own style for playing poker whom you can modify whenever needed. That’s the only way to make some real profits out of this game.

To be among those who make some real money with poker you need to be good at difficult situations as well. Sure those simple slow plays with a monster hand can bring you some bucks, but losing or winning the big cash does result from those hard decisions. The main and most important thing at these cases is to have trust in your own decisions.