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How to Play High Pairs Preflop

Having high pairs at the beginning of the game is always good because most often these high pairs are enough to win the round without seeking any new combinations. But you should be aware that high pairs are not that often and odds are lower if we go higher.

In order to understand the importance of high pairs think about this – what are the most often cards that you keep in your hand waiting for a match? The answer of course is high cards.

Even though high pairs give you an advantage it is always wise to play these pairs adequately prior to getting to the top. Keep in mind that you can choose where, when and how you play high pairs. In case you are looking for steady money play them under your own conditions. There are several things that you should consider how to play with high pairs.

A standard play would be raising and when we talk about the sizing it really depends on the game and the players involved. Are there any limpers? If the answer is “yes” then you can raise one more time. Feel free to size 2x or even 3x if the game is right. There are several reasons for the raising – you’ve got strong pairs (sometimes even Aces), of course you want to narrow the field and start building the pot as soon as possible.

Let’s explain this with an example. In case you have high pairs in the preflop, let’s say a pair of queens, and a higher card is on the table after the flop (a king for example), it is highly possible that someone on the table has a pair of kings and of course this is connected with how many players have paid the preflop.  However you must be aware that sometimes you will have to fold even though you had high pairs in the preflop. This is always hard especially for the amateurs because they think they can win the game because they have been lucky at the start. This is very wrong and can lead to foolish actions that can cost you a lot.

Try to determine what the flop means to you and what does it mean to your rivals by evaluating the cards and their reactions of course. If you believe that the flop has been good for some of your opponents don’t be disappointed and fold. But if you think that the flop has brought you an advantage over the other players play a bet and try to take other players out of the game, especially those who try to get a better hand than you. Sometimes when you are waiting for one card to get flush or straight it is good to play check on the flop. A completely free card that can solve all your doubts is more than welcome. In case you have the strongest hand possible play check or call. In this way you can keep your opponents in the game and not scare them off.

These are few things that you can do when you have high pairs in the preflop, so be wise and use your good starting position.