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Having Success in Poker

Sometimes it appears that some people have natural talent for playing poker, while others no matter how hard they try they fail to be victorious. The ones that lose too often are always blaming the bad luck but every professional player knows that if you want to have success in poker you should have the knowledge and also follow some principles.

Having success at poker is usually linked to three factors:

  • discipline
  • self-confidence
  • intelligence

You don’t have to have all these factors on top level to be successful, but if you don’t have at least one of these factors, being a winner will be very hard.

Let’s talk about discipline first. Every professional poker player will tell you that good discipline is one of the keys for good playing, although many long time players struggle with it. When we talk about discipline linked with poker, there are few sides that need to be observed. For example, every player needs to practice discipline when it comes to techniques used in a game. Because proper play can be dull, it takes some discipline in the choice of your game, so if something is not “working” for that game try another technique, but once you choose it stick to it. It is extremely important to practice discipline in order to stay calm after a few mad hands. You don’t want your opponents to see your emotions and totally ruin your chances for winning.

Having discipline when it comes to bankroll management is also very important because you can lose your money very fast.
If you plan to be a professional poker player, discipline is crucial not only to preserve motivation on high level, but also to treat poker as a profession and consistently implement the recommended time at the poker table.

Whether you are currently winning or losing self discipline will help you exclude the emotions. Although it sometimes seems that playing good for a longer period will never end, and that you can start playing on sums that you can’t afford because of the good “luck”, it takes some discipline to stay sober  and to remember that bad luck might appear at any moment and you can’t do nothing about it.

Having success at poker is sometimes linked with intelligence. It takes some intelligence to understand the basic rules of poker and to apply the guidelines and advises at the table. You have to be critical, and react quickly at a given situation. If you are not that good at making quick decisions and solving problems it will be very difficult to become successful.

Self-confidence is the third factor that determines successfulness in poker. Although this factor is often linked with how someone feels about his looks and his ability to talk with girls, when we talk about poker this self-confidence means being strong and consistent while making decisions at the table.  Poker is not a game for insecure people. You need to be confident and bold enough to make intelligent moves.

If you think that you don’t posses all three factors don’t feel bad. They can all be practiced and rarely any player has all these factors on high levels. Keep working on them and the results will come.