Common Poker Terms

These common terms are only applicable to poker, although certain ones are also connected to games played with cards in general:

Ante If you’re playing Poker and wagering on your hands, then there must be an amount you must bet to ensure you can participate. The amount you bet is known as the ante.
All-in The player is considered to be all-in when they put all their chips (or money) in the pot.
Big Blind Big blind is blinds where the player who is two places behind the dealer (or the player with buttons for dealers) is required to deposit funds into the pot prior the game being played. The amount is determined by the stakes in the game and is generally the minimum amount bet on the table.
Blind in certain types that involve poker, there’s positions that require bets to be forced. The player on right from the dealer (or the player who holds the button of the dealer) has the small blind, while the player who is two places further to the left dealer’s seat has the biggest blind. Blinds are called as the players or the player must be a part of the pot, without having any playing cards dealt.
Bluff Bluff when a player holds an unlucky hand that they don’t believe will win but continues to play, creating the impression to other players that they have a better hand than what they’ve. If you believe the player is lying and you suspect it, you are able to declare the player’s Bluff and then continue betting or increase the bet.
Call when playing the game of poker that involves betting that requires an amount minimum that every player must play during every time. In order to “call” the bet means that the player puts the amount that is needed in the pot in order to be continued to the following player.
Cash Games In place of playing chips of poker the game is played as cash games. money game using cash.
Clear In certain variants of poker, in the betting round one participant is able to “check” the pot if they don’t want to place a bet. When a player raises their bet, the other player is required to either raise the bet or fold.
Chips The most common way to play is poker with chips. They are typically in black, white, red blue, green or blue and be found in a variety of colours. The dealer assigns value to the chips prior the beginning of the game. They exchange money from players in exchange to buy the chips that are valued appropriately.
Dealer A dealer can be described as the person (or someone who is not participating in the game in any way) who hands out the cards to the other players and shuffles them at the end of each game. This is not someone that sells narcotics.
Deuces Any cards that have the “2” designation are deuces. Certain game of poker are “deuces wild,” which signifies that “2” cards can represent any other card from the deck.
Fixed Limit Fixed limit: In a fixed limit poker game the amount that a player can bet is restricted to stakes. The players can bet only at the maximum amount.
Flop A game variant that involves the community card, a flop will be the initial set of three cards dealt face-up after the initial round of betting.
Fold If you would like to close your hand in the game and surrender to fold, you do so by placing all your cards face-down on the table.
Hand A hand is the combination of five cards during poker. It could comprise the 5 cards dealt to you or a mix of five cards made using your cards as well as the cards that the players in the crowd.
Kicker It is the card with the highest rank in your deck when you have the event of a high-card hand or the card with the highest rank remaining in any hand that takes cards in the hand. For example, a card that is a kicker in a hand with four of a kind could be 5th card.
There is no limit in a game that is no-limit the player is able to put as much money in the pot as they wish during a betting session.
Poker online A game of poker that you play on your mobile or computer device is a game of poker played online. The same rules as standard poker are applicable to online poker.
Pocket cards are used in games that you play using community cards Pocket cards are cards you carry which aren’t belonging to the same community. Sometimes, they are referred to as “hole cards.”
Pot: All cash (if you’re playing using money) or chips go into the symbolic pot usually located in the middle at the center of table. When you make an ante-up to play, you put your money into the pot. The winner gets the whole pot’s worth of money.
Limit on pot In the game that has the pot limit, a player can only place bets in a range that begins with the ante and finishing at the sum of the pot. The player is only allowed to bet as much as the pot limit that is in the pot and not more.
Raise when you place an bet that is more than the amount that you are allowed to bet, it’s referred to as raising. The result is that all bets to increase to the amount you decided to set. This means that other players are required to fold or call.
River when playing an online game using community cards The river is the last of five community cards dealt from the dealer.
Showdown It is the final section of the game in which the players open their hands or fold their arms.
Small Blind Small blind is a kind of blind that requires the player that is just to the left from the dealer (or the person who is holding the dealer’s button, a token of the dealer’s name) is required to place a place a bet prior to the game being dealt. The amount is determined by the stakes in the game, but is generally less than half the amount of the bigger blind.
Turn when playing an activity using the community card, it is a “turn” will be the fourth card that are placed face-up and solo.