The History of Poker

Poker has developed itself not only for decades, but for centuries into what it is now. The poker how we know it today was affected by a lot of different games. However, where poker really, comes from,  one does not know exactly.

Yet, there are numerous theories about the native lands:

China – in the year 969 emperor Mu-tsung played a game in the New Year’s Eve with his wife that was called “card domino”.

Egypt – in the 13th century the Egyptians have played a more complex game, but it was also a kind of card domino

Persia – “Nas” was played there in the 16th century.

Spain – the game “Primero” was very popular in this country. Primero” is very similar to the current poker. 3 cards were distributed and the game also had elements of bluffing and betting. The game dates as far back as 1526 and is called from most as “the mother of poker”.

France – Here this game was called “poque”.  The French immigrants have brought the poque game to Canada and New Orleans. This card game was perhaps the first in which the current suits of spades, heart, diamonds and club were used.

Germany – This game was played in Germany as well and here it was called “pochen”.

In the USA, especially in the wild west time you could find a poker table in every Saloon, in every bar and even at every hotel. During the civil war the game was very popular among the soldiers.

Finally, in the United States at beginning of the 20th century poker developed itself how we know it today. Poker became one of the favorite party games. Today there are world-wide innumerable variants of poker.

Because poker is classified as a skill game and not as a luck game, it was not considered illegal in California. Particularly in Nevada it got much bigger popularity and finally the laws were changed in 1931 and poker became a legal and respected game.