Poker Chips Ace Green Red Luck  - petja24 / Pixabay

Basic Omaha Poker Strategy

Here we will cover the basics of Omaha poker and some simple guides you can follow for more success in this poker variation.

Starting Hands

The starting hands in Omaha can already implicate how much potential your hand has to make several strong combinations. For example King (diamond), Queen (heart), Jack (heart) and 10 (diamond) is a great starting hand since it gives you a lot of options for strong hands. Such a card combination enables you to have three Straight Flush, also Royal Flush and many other strong hands.

The Flop

Once the flop appears you need to know which hand you are going after. Be aware of your cards strength and if you are “well-placed” you need to bet high.

Turn and River

Omaha is that kind of game where the most crucial decisions are being made on the turn or river. Just because you had the strongest hand on the flop it doesn’t mean you will have it at the river as well. In other words for having success in Omaha poker you need to know how to play the turn optimal.